It’s me!

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It’s me!

Post by AdamT83 »

Hey guys it’s Adam, ‘68 GTO, ‘77 Trans Am, ‘85 Trans Am, ‘09.5 G8 GTX car 007 of 71, 2014 VSport with around 18,000 miles, ‘19 GMC Acadia SLT2 All Track, just got rid of my 2016 Taurus SHO with just over 700hp to replace it with ???

While some camp, fish, golf, or do something else for stress relief I enjoy restoring an old Pontiac typically.

Have an 8YO son Hunter and a 6 month old named Hudson. I live just north of Atlanta and my social security number is... lol glad to be on here.

I have build 7 show cars for GM dating back to the Holden GTO till my last project before life got in the way Project Urban Cool Impala. If I envision it and it doesn’t exist, I normally just make it.

For real life I was a driver for the Rusty Wallace school, then a tactics forces trainer for a few years teaching everything from Krav Maga to pit maneuver, flash bangs, to battering ram and the handgun proficiency re up. Now I sell playgrounds, splash pads, dog parks, aquatic centers to schools and parks as a Georgia Territory Manager.

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Re: It’s me!

Post by Alkemyst »

Nice, I wanted a 67 GTO (SD421 which was supposedly dealer installed), there was a decent one in my neighborhood but my dad said no way to a 4 speed big block. I ended up with a 1966 Mustang GT (Pony interior, all options. Originally Silver Frost with black vinyl top, I did a Supra Deep Red on it).

Love the Smokey and the Bandit style Trans Ams, built a ton of models of them growing up.

Your Taurus was legend :) One of the cars I considered actually.

We already have your SSN# you have been assimilated. :)

I'd love to do a professional drivers school one day. I used to be a way better driver when I was younger (and took some stupid risks at times like running out of road at 120MPH onto a dirt, but well packed one. Fortunately, it was very late as it was barely two lanes that opened up to homes on one side (acreage properties) and a very deep and far down canal on the other...I think it took most of a 1/2 mile to safely stop.

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