2014-15(+?) Apple Carplay not working after HMI 2.5 upgrade?

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2014-15(+?) Apple Carplay not working after HMI 2.5 upgrade?

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If you've done the 2.5 HMI upgrade on your 2014 CTS VSport like I did, you'll know that it's a great upgrade and Android Auto works just fine, but Apple Carplay may not work or project on the CUE screen no matter how many times you tap projection. The reason for this is that the car naturally did not come with the updated HMI AA/AC capabilities, therefore the Auxiliary Ports are also outdated, the original ports has worked on other 2014 cars for Apple Carplay, but definitely not mine.

The older Auxiliary Jack/USB Ports do not push as much power as the newer updated one and may also not send enough data for Apple Carplay to work, however this is an easy fix to fully make that HMI 2.5 upgrade functional (in my case) by upgrading to the newest Auxilitary piece which will also increase charging speed as well.

Here are pictures to show what the old one and new ones look like. The old one has two USB ports, a headphone jack, and an SD card slot. The new one still retains the two USB slots and headphone jack but loses the SD card slot. The new ones can be found for as low as $19 on Ebay, GM wholesale price is $65 + shipping.

The original part I'm replacing in my case is: 13581213 with a production date of 10/21/13

You will need plastic pry tools, there is a clip on the top, bottom, and two on the left side, two on the right side. They're all easy to get to except the one on the bottom as there is no room for maneuvering. What I did is pry it out as much as possible and push against it from underneath for the last bottom clip and it'll pop out.

Next you'll have to switch 2 short connectors, the power connector and the USB connector to the new auxiliary piece, and your apple carplay should now be working! You can then clip it back into place after confirming it works.

Here is a picture of all the clips they have on top and bottom:

Danial Stalcup has previously extensively covered this part for faster charging, amperage, and installation on his YouTube channel, so most people already know about this upgrade, but in my case I also needed this part to fully complete the HMI upgrade for Apple Carplay to work on my 2014 VSport.

Thanks to Marty & Blac for letting me know about this part, this is the part number I was given and used: 13509942 (black color) production date of 04/07/16

Hopefully this ends up helping someone that can't figure out why Apple Carplay isn't working.

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Re: 2014-15(+?) Apple Carplay not working after HMI 2.5 upgrade?

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