SoCal checking in

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SoCal checking in

Post by Tommyg »

Howdy fellow Vsport folks!

White 2015 here.

Tried to upload a 3 meg pic, file too large. Maybe I need to read some instructions lol.


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Re: SoCal checking in

Post by Alkemyst »

3MB is a bit big to host. There are great programs to help reduce the size. IrfanView is excellent for windows. Open your pic, hit CTRL-R and make the image something more reasonable in size (you can select 50% of the original size or pick something like 1024x768 or smaller.

Then save it and reupload. Like the next persons said though, using a link to an image hosting site is the best.

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Re: SoCal checking in

Post by LF3AZ »

Imgur is another good site for image file hosting

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